Wednesday, February 10, 2010

interests on Nuuk - what are my interests ?

When I set out building the Interests section in Nuuk, I faced an interesting (pardon the pun) question - what should the entries be ? should they be pop culture items like - American Idol, NASCAR, Iron Chef ? or a more traditional equivalent of the same Music/Singing, Auto Racing and Cooking ?

I decided to go with the latter. I asked myself the question, why do I watch American Idol - the answer I heard was - because you love music. That settled the debate. Shows can come and go but our interests remain the same. What do you think ?

Why don't we see a full list of interests to choose from ? I wanted to think hard and reflect on what my interests are - will you ?

Also, if you can not find an Interest on Nuuk, do post a comment with the same, I will get the list updated.

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