Wednesday, February 10, 2010

interests on Nuuk - what are my interests ?

When I set out building the Interests section in Nuuk, I faced an interesting (pardon the pun) question - what should the entries be ? should they be pop culture items like - American Idol, NASCAR, Iron Chef ? or a more traditional equivalent of the same Music/Singing, Auto Racing and Cooking ?

I decided to go with the latter. I asked myself the question, why do I watch American Idol - the answer I heard was - because you love music. That settled the debate. Shows can come and go but our interests remain the same. What do you think ?

Why don't we see a full list of interests to choose from ? I wanted to think hard and reflect on what my interests are - will you ?

Also, if you can not find an Interest on Nuuk, do post a comment with the same, I will get the list updated.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

call me dumb, but why focus only on friends ?

Today we see yet another product to share information with friends - Google Buzz.

We have numerous applications that tell me want my friends think, did and are doing. Their thoughts on a place I am going to visit, the movies they are watching and so on, but doesn't it get to a point that I want to know what 'people who share my interests' think about a place, what movies 'people who share my interests' are watching and so on ?

I wonder how many people out there think like me.

That's why I put out Nuuk v3, currently an iPhone only app. Indicate your interests and push and get information related to only that. The world is too large to just live life in a small circle of friends.